Mystery object found off Speyside

According to official reports, at about 8.30 am on Wednesday, a fisherman and his crew saw something resembling a vessel floating off Speyside. The men thought it was an upturned boat with a hand sticking out of the water. Upon investigating, they discovered that it appeared to be part of aircraft wreckage.

Officials of the Tobago Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) were alerted and director Allan Stewart said his agency has contacted the Trinidad and Tobago Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to investigate as he explained that at this time the object and its origin remains unclear.

“I can confirm that an item has been found off the waters of Speyside, but at this time it’s unclear what the object is and its origin. My agency contacted the Trinidad and Tobago Civil Aviation Authority to investigate and only then we can know for sure,” Stewart said on Thursday.

Newsday understands the object is silver, green and white, approximately 12 feet by six feet in size and rectangular. Numbers were observed, with each increasing in size. However there are no markings or inscriptions which could indicate the origin or ownership of the object.

Officials from the Civil Aviation Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (CAATT) were in Tobago conducting inquiries.

It is however not the first such sighting in the southern Caribbean. Last year a similar sighting was made in waters off St Vincent.

Locals believed the wreckage in that incident was part of a Russian spacecraft; however no confirmation has yet been made.


"Mystery object found off Speyside"

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