Monster’ surrenders

The escaped prisoner had contacted his attorney Criston J Williams saying he wanted to surrender. Williams in turn made contact with Supt Edwards and they met at the Barataria police station.

Selby claimed he had nothing to do with planning last Friday’s daring escape from the prisons in Port-of-Spain.

He said he saw what appeared to be a big fight at the entrance to the prison and when he saw fellow prisoners Allan ‘Scanny’ Martin and Hassan Atwell two run through the steel entrance door of the prison and onto Frederick Street, he decided to follow. Selby is also reported to have told police last night that he was not armed and video surveillance footage from inside the prison will verify this. Selby was on the run since his daring escape along with Atwell and Martin from the Frederick Street prison in Port-of-Spain last Friday.

Atwell was killed by members of the Rasta City gang while Martin was killed minutes after the prison escape during a shootout with police at the Portof- Spain General Hospital.

Atwell was shot multiple times in the back and head and his bullet-riddled body was found by police at 12.05 am yesterday.

Atwell had a string of charges against him including kidnapping, possession of a firearm, robbery and sexual assault while Martin was one of 12 men on trial for the 2006 murder of Vindra Naipaul- Coolman.

Selby is facing two charges of murder unrelated to the murder of Naipaul-Coolman and will be now be charged with escaping custody where he was on remand. He can also be charged with the murder of PC Sherman Maynard, 27, who was killed during the prisoners’ dash for freedom last Friday.

The three prisoners managed to get their hands on two nine millimetre calibre pistols and a hand grenade which they used to escape from the Frederick Street prison.

They pointed their weapons at a group of prison officers and ordered a gate attendant at the jail to open the steel door. They then ran to a dark blue four-wheel drive Nissan Navara, which was parked on the roadway outside the prison.

One of the men threw the grenade onto the roadway and it landed in the drain in front of the prison.

It did not explode. The escapees’ getaway vehicle crashed along Charlotte Street and they ran onto the hospital compound where Martin was killed in a shootout with police. Selby was reported to have boarded a taxi, before he was dropped off at Piccadilly Street.

At a media conference on Saturday, Acting Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams said he had no information on how the prisoners were able to escape and declined to comment further saying it is an ongoing investigation.


"Monster’ surrenders"

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