Books for young readers

Once young readers graduate into chapter books they gravitate towards series.

There’s a comfort in knowing they don’t have to give up characters they love after one book. Series become something like a best friend for young readers.

Here is a list of books for young readers that I have recently discovered for my library. They are very popular with my young readers. These books will appeal to readers from eight to 13.

1. Charlie Collier Snoop for Hire: The Homemade Stuffing Caper Mystery 1 by John Madormo – Mysteries are a fun read, and they build analytical skills. You don’t exactly want murder mysteries for 12-year-olds. This is where Charlie Collier steps in. Madormo introduces young readers to Charlie, who loves analytical exercises like brainteasers that teachers give students. Soon, Charlie realises he needs a bigger challenge in life.

When he puts signs up around school, he gets a job from a student, Scarlett Alexander, who needs help finding her grandfather’s lost parrot.

2. Brotherband Chronicles: Book 1 The Outcast by John Flanagan – This companion series to the Ranger’s Apprentice features a new generation of warriors with Hal, whose father, a Skandian warrior, died in battle. Hal is an outcast who is preparing to face his own battles in life.

3. Can You Survive Extreme Mountain Climbing? An Interactive Survival Adventure by Matt Doeden – This series includes books like Can You Survive in the Special Forces? Storm Chasing? The Antarctic? The Jungle? Life as a Knight? Life as a Ninja? These adventure- packed books tests young readers’ ability to make decisions in tough situations.

These are interactive books with three story paths, 43 choices and 19 possible endings. The reader chooses the reading path to follow and then reads about the consequence of those actions. There are cool illustrations, a glossary of environmental or technical terms, a survival quiz and much more. This Capstone series came out in 2013.

4. Seriously Silly Stories: Cinderboy by Laurence Anhold and Arthur Robins – Young readers enjoy humour, and these funny stories are enhanced by lots of action-packed black and white drawings.

5. Batman Two- Face’s Double Take (DC Comics Super- Heroes) – This Batman series is one of the most popular series among boys from eight to 12. Novels have action-packed, coloured photos.

There is a glossary for difficult words and some writing prompts in the back of the book. Young readers also enjoy the Superman companion series.

6. Wild Rescue Poacher Panic by J Burchett and S Vogler – Young readers in these stories go on adventures and have the opportunity to learn more about and even save the environment.

7. The Books of Elsewhere: Still Life by Jacqueline West – Olive must try to save the people and home she loves by finding by exploring the magical place of Elsewhere.

This is an excellent, action-packed fantasy that features a girl as the main protagonist, a rarity in a glut of girls’ literature that features catty, tales and cupcake stories.

8. Gustav Gloom and the Cryptic Carousel by Adam-Troy Castro – In this fantasy novel , Fernie and Gustav are on a mission to save their families from the Evil Lord Obsidian.

To do this, they must leave the safety of the Gloom Mansion and head for Shadow.

Fernie and Gustav are aided by a magical


"Books for young readers"

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