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Saturday 16 December 2017

Manzanilla Beach gets a facelift

BEACHGOING is a normal activity for us Trinis. Unlike in many other countries where a trip to the beach is a major event that must be planned in advance, we can just pick ourselves up any time, any day and head to the beach.

And while TT may not have the 365 beaches that Antigua boasts of, we do have beaches with lovely facilities and conveniences that make spending the day at the seaside a pleasurable experience.

Manzanilla has now joined that list of local beaches with such modern facilities for the visiting public.

The recently-opened beach now has new, brightly-painted picnic tables and benches strategically placed in a neat row along the beach with a clear view of the sea.

There are also a few semi-enclosed picnic areas for those who prefer a little more privacy.

Guard booths, which were wellstaffed when we visited the facility early last Sunday morning, have also been given a facelift.

New restrooms were constructed for the comfort and convenience of beach goers and there is some parking available inside the enclosed facility that has a manned security guard booth at the entrance.

Perhaps the most striking aspect of the upgrade and the one which most people enjoy is the boardwalk with large concrete plant pots decorating its length.

Many people who visited seemed to be content with just taking a casual stroll along the boardwalk or leaning over its railing and looking out at the sea.

The cool breeze that hits you and the spray from the tide splashing against the retaining wall has such a soothing effect that you can spend the entire day only on the boardwalk and still return home feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Since the entire beach facility is raised a few feet above the sea shore, there are steps leading down to the water.

The authorities have also constructed a ramp to allow easy access to the sea by those who are wheel chair bound.

The waters on this part of the coastline are often rough but that does not deter some from taking a dip in the sea. In fact, you can get a good soak without even going down to the sea.

The waves hit the retention wall with such force that seawater comes up as high as the boardwalk railing.

According to one of the lifeguards, “You could come with your chair, your bathing suit, a case of something soft or hard and you’ll get wet,” sitting right there on the boardwalk.


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