Regional leaders hail new TT PM

Chief among them was Prime Minister of St Lucia, Dr Kenny Anthony and Foreign Minister of The Bahamas, Fred Mitchell.

Anthony said, “This election is another triumph for democracy in our region. From all indications, it was a highly competitive campaign but largely peaceful.” “Undoubtedly, the road ahead will be difficult and complex,” Anthony added. “Trinidad and Tobago, like other countries in the region, has to confront the emerging economic realities especially with the declining fortunes in earnings from the energy sector.” St Lucia’s PM noted his Government shares a common vision with TT about a “wide range of issues” in the region and said he looks forward to working with Rowley on the “common causes of our region.” “I wish Dr Rowley and his team the best and look forward to a continuation of the deep, close and special relationship Saint Lucia shares with the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago,” Anthony stated. Honorary Consul of The Bahamas to TT, Dr E Monica Davis, yesterday issued a brief statement on behalf of her country’s Foreign Minister, Fred Mitchell.

Davis said Mitchell had extended congratulations to Rowley and the PNM “on their election to office...

on behalf of the government of The Bahamas.” She added,“Mr Mitchell said The Bahamas looked forward to continued cooperation with Trinidad and Tobago in working on matters of mutual interest.”


"Regional leaders hail new TT PM"

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