Heliconia head is Senator

“I feel elated and excited but most of all I feel determined. I feel determined to use the opportunity that I have been given by the People’s National Movement (PNM) and Dr Keith Christopher Rowley to really make a positive change to Trinidad and Tobago. I think Dr Rowley has recognised the importance — more than previous prime ministers — of youth-participation in decision-making in the country. I think it’s really important because to be a truly representative government — of the people and for the people by the people — we can’t continue with young persons being under-represented in the corridors of power and chief decision-making chambers in the country. So I think it’s a positive step.

“I think that even the Senate President (Christine Kangaloo) remarked about the number of young persons on the Government benches in the Senate. So I think a good mix of maturity/ experience goes a long way with youthful exuberance and fresh ideas in a technological world that is evolving very rapidly. So we definitely need that perspective.” He said he is excited and determined to make a positive contribution in the Senate.

“I eat, drink, sleep Trinidad and Tobago. Trinidad is in my DNA.

I’m just out to make a positive difference.” Coppin was born in Tobago, but spent his teen years in Trinidad and then went to England to study law. “Now is a time I can use what I’ve learnt to put it into practice, ad there’s no better forum than the Senate.”


"Heliconia head is Senator"

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