Devant wants new blood in UNC

In a statement yesterday, Maharaj initially recalled the UNC’s achievements under Persad-Bissessar, including winning the 2010 General Election and Local Elections respectively. “It is unquestionable that the People’s Partnership (PP) administration delivered an unprecedented level of goods and services to the nation,” he related. “It is also undeniable that the coalition of parties held together due to almost the singular efforts of Kamla Persad Bissessar.” On a personal note, Maharaj thanked Persad Bissessar for her confidence in him to name him Public Transport Service Corporation (PTSC) chairman, then Minister of Transport and later Minister of Food Production.

Yet he also pointed out that the PP has lost every election since 2010, including the 2015 General Election.

“The public telegraphed repeatedly their dissatisfaction and disappointment with the leadership of the People’s Partnership,” Maharaj recalled. “The leadership ignored the messages being sent which resulted inevitably in our defeat at the polls.” The result is a PNM Government that “fumbles and bumbles” destroying lives of citizens, Maharaj added.

In an aside he criticised the centering of the 2015 PP campaign around brand “Kamla”, and said that instead of such singular leadership he’d now prefer a “leadership team” under Dr Moonilal.

Saying the TT electorate continues to mature and evolve, Maharaj urged local parties to follow the norms of First World nations whose party leaders automatically resign upon electoral defeat.

“As such I hold the opinion that when a leader carries his or her troops to battle and loses the leader should step down or at least offer to step down,” he advised.

“No longer is there a leader for life. No longer is there a feudal democratic leader accepted blindly.” Maharaj endorsed Moonilal.

“Having sat next to Dr Roodal Moonilal in Cabinet for the last four-and-a-half years I have an insight into his political acumen and leadership abilities, and because of this I wish to publicly offer my support to Dr Moonilal as leader of the United National Congress. It is with new blood, new vision , and new leadership style that will give the UNC a opportunity to recapture government in 2020.” Predicting a keenly-contested poll, Maharaj urged UNC members not to descend into the acrimony or bitterness of past UNC elections.

“I am however deeply concerned about the fairness of the elections as already concerns are being expressed about the process,” he warned. “If the party is to be politically good looking again how we conduct our internal elections is an important step in that process.”


"Devant wants new blood in UNC"

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