MacFarlane’s Christmas Joy

Brian MacFarlane has built his reputation and character furthering TT’s Carnival.

Santification, The Washing by Fire by Water are just two of the many Carnival bands MacFarlene has to his name. The many awards he has received gives credence to his talent and ability.

But he wants to add one more credit to his long list.

He hopes to add major Christmas Production to it. Brain MacFarlane’s Christmas Joy hopes to become a permanent part of TT’s holiday landscape.

The production will run from November 13 to the 15 at Queen’s Hall, St Ann’s Road, Port-of-Spain, with the gala night being held on November 12. The shows from Thursday to Saturday will run from 8pm to 9:40pm with an accompanying pre-show each night starting from 7:15pm.

The Sunday matinee will run from 6:15pm with the pre-show starting at 5.

But for the award-winning mas designer, his deep appreciation and joy for Christmas led to Brain MacFarlane’s Christmas Joy.

He said in questions emailed to the media, “I have always had a deep appreciation and joy for Christmas. In 1989, I hosted Miracle at Stollmeyers’ Castle, which was a great success and was awarded 4 Cacique Awards, 1993.

I then hosted Night Before Christmas at Queen’s Hall, which was another outstanding production; this particular production has been in planning for the last three years.”While MacFarlane admits he is deeply rooted to local culture, this production will feature a range of traditional Christmas songs done in separate genres such as jazz, pop and R&B.

The cast also features the Who’s Who of local productions among them Ann Fridal, Wendell Constantine, Raymond Edwards, Kevon Carter among nine others.

It will also feature a choir of 65 members composed of choir members throughout TT and St Joseph’s Convent, St Joseph.

In the true spirit of giving that Christmas is about, the proceeds from the production will be given to charity.

He said, “The very meaning of Christmas is giving and sharing and it is very important to me that this gift of creativity that I have been blessed with be passed on and shared with others. Therefore, to answer your question there are two day shows, one on the Saturday, which is, specially staged for senior citizen’s homes sponsored by Novo International and Living Water will assist in coordinating the different homes.

One on the Sunday, which caters to orphanages and underprivileged kids sponsored by PCS Nitrogen and United Way, will assist in organising the various homes also. At this point, I will very much like to thank, Novo International and PCS Nitrogen for making this incredible dream a reality.” The proceeds from the gala night opening will go toward the purchase of a Apheresis machine.


"MacFarlane’s Christmas Joy"

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