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Thursday 22 March 2018

Pregnant teen, uncle/lover believed in Trinidad

A HEAVILY pregnant 16-year-old Tobago teenager and her unlce, who is also her lover, are believed to be hiding out from the police somewhere in Trinidad.

Police sources urged anyone seeing the teen, who is almost at full term in her pregnancy, to call in the police as she is a minor in the eyes of the law and thus is a victim of sexual assault.

The teen recently posted two videos on social media stating the she had had intimate relationships with her father and uncle and is now unsure as to who the father of her unborn child is.

The teen said she is living with her uncle who himself said in the video that he is not afraid of the police and is in love with her.

Last week, the Child Protection Unit (CPU) along with the Children’s Authority were able to identify the girl and her uncle, but attempts to make contact with them at the house in which they were staying while in Bethel, proved unsuccessful.

Police are now working on information that the girl and her uncle may have fled the sister isle and are in Trinidad at a location unknown.

The CPU and Chidlren’s Authority have already alerted all medical institutions to be on the lookout for the pregnant teen, who is due to give birth at any time.

Relatives of the girl said she has not made contact with them in Trinidad, and they too are uncertain of her location.

Last week the Tobago arm of the Child Protection Agency combed several areas in Bethel in search of the pregnant 16-yearold girl, who was interviewed in the videos by a woman.

The girl later posted two confession videos on Facebook alleging that she was raped, both by her father and uncle, for a significant period.

In the video the girl claimed that she was living in Trinidad with her parents, grandmother and 12 other siblings. She added that at age eight her father began having a sexual relation with her and when she revealed this to her mother and grandmother she was accused of telling untruths.

The girl added that the incestuous relation continued and up until recently she decided to flee the house and move to Tobago to live with an uncle.

While in Tobago the uncle also began having a sexual relation with her and now that she is eight months pregnant she is unsure who is the father of the child.


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