Outrage, joy on social media

This lad here was a TTPS child, an active member of our youth club, who wanted to be a pilot and had successfully completed an aviation course during the July/August vacation last year, but had his life taken by wannabe gangsters,” the user wrote. The post with the photo of Denilson with his trophies and medals was in response to a post by a woman who wrote: “4’ o clock in the morning and a dancing right now...two less criminals on the street...” While many defended the boys, several persons expressed horror over their murder. “We are losing our nation’s children, it’s becoming a norm now I think.” “Poor Denilson. What a waste of a promising life, horrific. The politicians seem clueless. Police cannot do this job alone,” another user wrote. One woman who knew Denilson said he was always a loving and respectful young man with a lot of big dreams. “Not because he was from Laventille he was a thug. His mom tried very hard to keep her sons away from the life they lived around,” she said.


"Outrage, joy on social media"

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