Students march against bad students

From as early as 10 am, about 8,000 school children arrived in school buses, maxis and some even walked to the Savannah to join in what Minister of Education Anthony Garcia called a, ‘Walk for Peace’.

“We are trying to promote a culture of peace in our classrooms,” said Minister Garcia, adding, “we are saying no to violence, no to bullying and no to crime!” The minister said it was necessary to take a stand now, especially in light of recent incidents involving students. Last Thursday, a fire was started at El Dorado East Secondary, causing students to abandon classes. Investigations by the Ministry confirmed the culprits behind the blaze were among a group 31 of students who were removed from the school and later allowed to return to classes.

The minister added that 21 of these students will once again be removed from the school and taken to “Learning Enhancement Centres” where they will be given as much assistance possible in behaviour modification. “We need to send a message... that we will not tolerate indiscipline in our schools.” Garcia said.

“Also, we will have to start with our children. This is an entire school effort.

Once we establish in the minds of the children that crime is a nono, then we are well on our way to having improved our learning institutions, so learning can take place without disruption.” Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs Daryl Smith told Newsday that the majority of students are well-behaved and focused on having an enjoyable school experience, a few bad apples have spoilt the bunch. He said the children were out to take a stand and let deviant student know that they will not allow them to tarnish their school experience.

“These young people are here to show those few bad apples that we are not going to take it any more.

There is only so much the Minster and the police can do; they cannot be at every school every day.

These students have taken a stand against those few, to get the schools up and running as best as they can,” said Minister Smith.


"Students march against bad students"

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