‘Great Adventures’ puts environment in focus

This children’s family production will also host daily school shows at 9.30 am and 1.30 pm with evening matinee show at 6.30 pm on Thursday and Friday.

This new story conceptualised by Fareid Carvalho takes the audience on an unforgettable adventure, where an everyday typical family leaves the urban, noisy and busy city on a road trip and much needed family vacation to a rural more “nafuresque” area.

Written and directed by multiple Cacique award-winner Penelope Spencer, the father’s character, “Papa” played by Dese Simon, takes his son, “Barry,” played by Shaquille Flemming and two daughters, “Kizzy” whose role is shared by Elize Davila and Zoie Hart; and “Techno” shared by Paige Smith and Ashley Aming on a camping trip for family time.

This he would have done growing up, remembering the river and forest that was fertile lush and green and now wanting to pass this memory unto his family.

Unfortunately, to his disappointment, he quickly discovers that the River Warwaru has completely dried up and the once lush green forest is now dying.

The production teaches the importance of our environment: planting trees, not polluting our rivers, ponds, seas and the importance of preserving wildlife in their natural habitat, said a media release from the Carvalho’s Productions.

The story takes a magical twist as the enchanted forest comes alive to tell “Papa” what transpired over the years he did not visit.

“Kizzy” and “Techno”, stumble upon the legendary storybook, character “Papa Bois” who tells the young, unaware children the forest is being destroyed by the rude and ominous “soucouyant” played by Benifa Karla Wilson who is desperately trying to keep “Mama Glo” played by Nicole Wong Chong, down.

The talking garbage heap “Mr Charlie” played by Faried Carvalho, advises “Techno” that the only way to save this dying forest is to visit the wise old turtle, “Tony” to seek his advice who has lived there for 500 years.

An unforgettable story filled with beloved characters, meaningful acting, magical music and riveting dancing sets the stage for The Great Adventures by the River.

Managing director of Carvalho Productions, Fareid Carvalho is featured as “Tony” the wise turtle, “Sonny” the sun and “Charlie” the talking trash heap.

Carvalho is no stranger to the stage, as he was last seen on the big Savannah stage where he danced and portrayed his Carnival king costume as the king of “The Lost Tribe”.

The Great Adventures by the River costumes were designed by Sean Edwards and upcoming designer Jose Alejandro, dance choreography by Linda Pollard Lake, dancers from Marcia Charles Dance Theatre Company, makeup by Gizel Morle and Lucia Eligon, set designs by Ben Gyah and photography by the renowned Calvin French. The production is sponsored in part by Smalta, First Citizens, Movietowne, Massy Stores and Scrip J.


"‘Great Adventures’ puts environment in focus"

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