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Friday 23 March 2018

Girl, 13, tells police horror tale of sex abuse

A 13-YEAR-OLD Form Two student wept bitterly on Wednesday morning as she informed a teacher and the school’s principal about sexual abuse she is suffering at the hands of her father, for the past three years, at their home in rural East Trinidad.

The girl said her father, a 45-year-old gardener, would often fondle her. She said it began when she was eight and continued until she was 11.

As she was relating her tale, a decision was made to contact the police and Cpl Francis visited the school where he too listened to the sobbing child, whose mother was later called in.

The child said that along with her sister, 15, and brother,17, they live with their father while their mother lives a short distance away.

She said her elder sister is aware of the sexual abuse but she (the elder sister) and the brother are afraid to report it to the police because of threats of bodily harm made by their father.

The 13-year-old girl could not say if her sister was also a victim of sexual abuse.

Fearing the fondling could lead to sexual intercourse, the teen said she decided to tell her teacher as there was no one else she could trust with her tale.

The girl’s mother has since taken custody of her and the two other children. Police have since contacted the Children’s Authority.

Police sources said that the suspect is yet to be interviewed by officers.

Counselling has since been offered to the three children while police investigations are continuing.


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