TTGF to fight $11M claim

The 20-year-old Williams is being represented by her lawyer Keith Scotland and lead counsel Martin Daly.

Williams’ legal team, on May 16, issued a pre-action protocol letter to TT GF president David Marquez, first vice-president Akil Wattley, second vice-president Ricardo Lue Shue and assistant treasurer (and Ricardo’s wife) Donna Lue Shue.

Today will mark the end of a 10-day deadline set by Williams’ legal team for the TT GF quartet to give a “satisfactory response” or face action in the High Court.

Scotland, contacted by telephone yesterday afternoon, said that his team is set to take up the matter in the High Court.

“I haven’t heard from them, and I’ll be liaising with Thema,” said Scotland. “We are going forward.” In response, Lawrence Maharaj, during a telephone interview last evening - after a meeting with the TT GF foursome - revealed, “we considered the pre-action protocol letter sent, and we advised the organisation and the individual members that the claims made in the letter are frivolous and vexatious, and that they have no merit.

They’re not supported by any factual or legal basis, and that we would respond to the letter accordingly.” With regards to the Williams’ legal team’s plans to take up the matter in the High Court, the former Attorney General said, “we are going to respond but the time-line (which was) put in the pre-action protocol letter is not in accordance with the pre-action protocol rules.

“And we are entitled to a longer period to respond,” he continued.

“I’ve advised that the response be given another 10 more days.” However, Lawrence Maharaj stated, “if they file an action contrary to the pre-action protocol rules, we can ask for costs, and we’ll defend the action. But we’ll ask for costs and we’ll ask for the other side to be penalised in costs.” He went on to add, “(the matter) wouldn’t go to court (today) because we’ll have to file a defence and then the court will fix a date, so we will defend the action.

Whatever they file, we will defend because we’re of the view that the case has no merit.” In April, Williams was controversially replaced by Canadian- born Marisa Dick as TT ’s representative at the Olympic Test Event in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The 18-year-old Dick, in the artistic gymnastics category, secured a place in the August 5-21 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

The TT GF stated that the switch of gymnasts was necessary since Williams was nursing an injured ankle, but Williams’ coach John Geddert stressed that Williams was still able to compete for a spot in the Olympics.

The pre-action protocol letter said that the TT GF officials “acted unlawfully and/or without lawful authority and/or in breach of fundamental justice and/or have treated my client unfairly and/or in breach of the contracts and/or membership rig


"TTGF to fight $11M claim"

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