Sat: Child marriage, a religious matter

In a brief telephone interview 11with Sunday Newsday last Friday, 11the Secretary General of the Sanatan 11Dharma Maha Sabha (SDMS) 11declared, “I’m not prepared to 11respond to a one-man organisation.

He (BCM chairman, Harvey 11Borris) could say what he want, 11this is a religious matter.” Maharaj 11was referring to statements made 11by Borris, last Thursday, during 11a press conference at the BCM’s 11head office, Western Main Road, 11St James.

Speaking specifically about 11Maharaj’s controversial speech 11during Indian Arrival Day celebrations 11at Parvati Girls’ Hindu 11College, Debe on May 30, Borris 11said, “It was rather unfortunate 11and could be seen as a racial attack 11on the African community.” 11Borris supported his argument 11by pointing out that other persons 11who spoke out were not attacked, 11“including a Government 11junior minister of East Indian descent 11Avinash Singh, the Hindu 11Women’s Organisation and SWAHA 11International.” 11“(Yet) two leading African 11leaders were attacked in a most 11vicious manner - Archbishop of 11Port-of-Spain Joseph Harris and 11US Ambassador John Estrada.” 11Acknowledging Maharaj’s 11unapologetic stance, Borris appealed 11to the SDMS Board to try 11and get Maharaj “to see the light” 11that what he said can disrupt religious 11(and) racial unity. Borris 11said he would be out of line to 11guide the Maha Sabha board but 11said, “an apology is absolutely 11necessary.” 11


"Sat: Child marriage, a religious matter"

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