Anglicans in emergency meetings

Crawford, who was detained during the 2011 State of Emergency, also appears to confirm that former prime minister Kamla Persad- Bissessar was a target, saying it would have been “an honour” to attempt an assassination. However he denies his group held that objective but, instead, opted to kill others.

The Bishop yesterday said there was a need for an “intense and serious discussion” on the rapidly changing security landscape.

“We will have to examine all of these reports and begin to take the necessary steps,” the Bishop said.

“We need to be mindful that times have changed, they are changing rapidly and we have to be on the lookout for any acts of hostility.

A church is a place of care and we have to guarantee this kind of environment.

This is a matter that will receive intense and serious discussion and deliberations at the regular statutory meetings.” However, he said the meetings will have to be pulled forward to this month.

“August is normally vacation time, but the deliberations will have to begin during this time,” Berkley said. The meetings will involve one at the Diocesan Council (comprising clergy, lay persons and officials of the church) at a parish hall, as well as further meetings at Hayes Court and Trinity Cathedral.

To members of the church, Berkley said, “Fear not. But we should exercise every precaution that we can and we should be very vigilant at public functions and public places.” Of the possible use of metal detectors at churches, Berkley said they would have to be considered.

“Metal detectors are an obvious kind of sign but you would want to treat with other more subtle kinds of detection,” the Bishop said.

The question of metal detectors at churches recently arose last week when Roman Catholic Archbishop Joseph Harris suggested they may be considered by that church in the wake of the murder of a priest by terrorists in France. Berkley said security measures are likely to be discussed at an inter-religious level as well. The Bishop’s comments came as President of the Inter-Religious Organisation (IRO) Brother Harrypersad Maharaj yesterday said there was a need for all religions to be on the alert. The IRO will hold a regular meeting next Monday. “I don’t think the threats being made has anything to do with Islam,” Maharaj said. “In this part of the world Muslims are very peaceful. I don’t think there is anything to worry about but at the same time we have to always be on alert”. Haji Abzal Mohammed, First Vice President of the IRO, yesterday condemned the call made in the propaganda article.

“God did not make the world for Muslims alone,” Mohammed said. “God created all human beings and he has sent messengers to teach mankind how to live. Some have followed other religions and according to God’s law that is their democratic right. The prophet of Islam says respect everyone’s religion.

We must do so, that is the teaching of Islam. We have to respect everybody’s religion. We may differ but that does not mean we will be enemies


"Anglicans in emergency meetings"

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