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Friday 23 March 2018

Mora: Vigilante justice dangerous

Counselling psychologist Anna Maria Mora yesterday warned of the dangers in Trinidad and Tobago becoming an anarchist state.

Commenting on Thursday’s incident in which a suspected child molester was beaten by a Chaguanas woman and members of her family for allegedly trying to develop a relationship with her 11-yearold daughter, Mora said while many have applauded the woman for taking matters into her own hands, such action could set a bad precedent.

“Trinidad and Tobago is already a lawless society with a crime rate that is sky high,” she told Sunday Newsday during a forum on parenting, hosted by the T&T Association of Psychologists at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex in Mt Hope.

Mora sided with the Children’s Authority, which had earlier shared the view that vigilante justice was not the way to go.

However, she said the fact that the woman felt impelled to take action, given the prevailing view in some quarters that the Police Service and other security agencies rarely respond expeditiously in addressing such matters, spoke volumes.

“Many people feel that they don’t even get an ear and that the police is not available.

So, they take matters into their own hands,” Mora said.

Reports are that the quick-thinking mother, now being hailed a hero, lured a suspected child molester to her Chaguanas home on Thursday and, together with other family members, gave the young man a sound beating before handing him over to police.


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