Tobago gets less...but

Following the reading of the national budget, London told Newsday that the THA believes that “despite the economic challenges, fiscal 2017 could be a very exciting and very productive year for Tobago.” He said that job creation and revenue will be forthcoming through the Sandals Hotel venture, the expansion of the ANR Robinson International Airport, the installation of a desalination plant, increased electricity, and the construction of police stations at Roxborough and Old Grange.

While Tobago has been given a budget of $2.354 billion of which $2.045 billion will be for recurrent expenditure and $20 million for the Unemployment Relief Programme, and the remainder for capital projects, London said that the projects he mentioned will not be funded by the THA.

With those major projects being handled outside of the THA budgetary allocation, London said, “We have no choice but to be satisfied.” “Sandals in the present context of tourism,” he said, “will play a critical role in terms of generating foreign exchange, providing employment and ensuring that Tobago and the country remains viable.” The project was very critical to Tobago development, he said noting that it will be a catalyst for more development in the tourism sector and improvement in the level of activities in many of the other sectors on the island.

“The Tobago House of Assembly and most of the major sectors in Tobago,” he said, “are highly supportive of the Sandals venture.” Meanwhile, THA secretary of Finance and Enterprise Development congratulated Finance Minister Colm Imbert on an excellent budget presentation.

“Given the current economic realities,” he said, “I believe that the prescriptions outlined today augurs well not only for Tobago but for all of Trinidad and Tobago.” Noting that Imbert approved the use of private public partnerships and other alternative financing mechanisms with which the THA can accelerate capital development, Jack said the THA looks forward to working with the Ministry of Finance as they continue to diversify the economy.

Although 2017 is poised to be a challenging year, he said, the THA was confident that the process of economic recovery would have begun.


"Tobago gets less…but"

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