Couple’s throats slit during home invasion

“Even if they were robbing the place, they still did not have to kill my mother,” cried Anthony Ragbir, the son of the slain woman.

Ragbir says he is now concerned for the safety of the rest of his family who lives with him on the same compound as his mother.

Speaking to the bereft son yesterday, Newsday was told that the bandits stole a quantity of money that Ragbir was keeping for the business place where she worked.

According to reports, the couple was discovered by 37-year-old Lisa Fullen, the couple’s daughter-in-law.

She told police that she noticed two men - one of east Indian descent, wearing a white jersey and a navy blue hat, and another man of African descent wearing a white shirt - standing near her mother-inlaw’s apartment, at about 9.45 on Saturday night.

When she went to the apartment to investigate she came across the two men, one of whom drew a firearm and pointed it at her.

The two men then escaped by jumping over a wall.

Fullen then checked her in-laws, and saw Ragbir and Springer lying on the floor with a gash across their throats.

The panicked woman called her husband Anthony, who rushed the two victims to the Chaguanas Health Facility.

Ragbir succumbed to her wounds, while Springer remains in a serious condition at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex.

Anthony described his mother as a loving and caring woman.

He told Newsday she was the kitchen manager at Max Grillers, a popular restaurant in the Chaguanas area.

“She was the sweetest woman in the world,” Anthony told Newsday, “If I have a thousand friends, every one calls my mother, mother. If she is cooking and you pass by, she would hand you a plate of food one time. That is the kind of woman she is.” An autopsy is expected to be performed at the Forensic Science Centre in St James today.


"Couple’s throats slit during home invasion"

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