Indarsingh bats for ECCE teachers

Indarsingh asked how much is owed to the ECCE teachers, when will they be paid, and does the Ministry aim to bring them into the Ministry’s decent work agenda? On the latter, Garcia replied yes, saying he wants ECCE teachers brought under the Education Act. “As far as we are aware they are not owed salaries,” Garcia added.

“The outstanding payments would be in the area of gratuity.” Saying that a gratuity is paid at redundancy, Indarsingh asked if any ECCE teachers have been fired by this Government? Garcia retorted, “If a person is fired that person is not entitled to a gratuity”.

Indarsingh said, “I am simply asking the sum of money that is owed? I know my line of questioning and I expect you to answer.”


"Indarsingh bats for ECCE teachers"

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