Another businessplace fire-bombed

The latest attack took place shortly before 2 am at Stackhouse Company Limited, a wholesale outlet located at the corner of Pointe-a-Pierre and Circular Roads in San Fernando. Police investigations said that business owner Truman Lochan Dass, closed the business at about 11 pm on Thursday after securing the building.

Stackhouse is a whole liquor and dry goods store. At about 2 am yesterday, security officers on duty at the compound heard an explosion and on checking, saw the front of the building on fire.

Two men dressed in dark clothing were also seen running away, according to police investigators. Within minutes, officers from the Mon Repos Fire Station responded and contained the fire.

There were no reports of items missing, however there was visual structural damage caused by the fire.

Dass yesterday told Newsday that he received news of the fire while on his way home and immediately returned to his businessplace.

The businessman said he was still assessing his losses.

He added that a newly purchased motorcycle which cost $150,000 was destroyed by the fire. Only on Monday last, at about 1. 45 am, arsonists maliciously set fire at Sookhoo’s Supermarket Limited and Liquor Store located along Union Road in Marabella. Upon checking, the owner Dave Sookhoo who lives with relatives behind the businessplace, discovered three vehicles on fire. The vehicles, together value $750,000, were parked in front of the building and belonged to the Sookhoo family.

The concrete walls at the front of the supermarket were damaged by the fire.

Similar arson attacks have taken place in north Trinidad where in at least one instance, a grocery in Barataria was looted in broad daylight after it was set on fire.


"Another businessplace fire-bombed"

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