Tots and Tumblers puts on an electrifying display

When the gymnasts took to the stage on Saturday night it was illuminated; not only with the lit body costumes but with perfect choreography and phenomenal talent. The hundreds of spectators gathered were entertained to a spectacular grand finale to close off the evening.

Leading up to this pore raising performance was a piece entitled “Unity” which was performed to Machel Montano’s “Bring the beat” with the lyrics, (one love, one soul, one people) reflecting the “Unity” theme.

Putting on a stage commanding piece named “one page at a time” was the most high profile athlete on the night Williams, in a tribute to the late Dave Bobb (one of gymnastics most enthusiastic supporters who never missed a show nor a competition). Thema wowed the crowd with her captivating prowess and grace as she worked the stage with confidence and finesse. Thema then teamed up with Alicia Singh, Arielle Ribeiro, Karissa Kowlessar and Rhenece Andrew as the quintet exhibited confidence as they fascinated the crowd with their energy and rhythmic synchronization.

Earlier in the night, the crowd witnessed history in the making when a full set of uneven bars were used on stage for the first time for the club and for the country. In a colorful display of multiple wardrobe changes, the toddlers entertained on and off the stage and they even engaged the crowd when they took to the aisles of the hall, to rhythmic claps.

The first half was entitled “Wonderland” which saw the young budding gymnasts blend Disney characters with gymnastics displays. Building human pyramids and with the aid of trampolines, balance beams, springboards, hanging rings and other props, the gymnasts had the crowd waiting with bated breath as they went through their routines. On hand to witness such great entertainment was Mrs Sharon Rowley, wife of Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley.


"Tots and Tumblers puts on an electrifying display"

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