NATUC head gives Imbert ultimatum

At a press conference yesterday at Seamen and Waterfront Workers Trade Union headquarters, Wrightson Road, Port-of-Spain Annnisette said the new health plan will not cost the government any additional money as the plan has $17 million surplus and will greatly benefit its members.

“This was negotiated without the government having to pay any money. The government as the employer has to pay part of the premium so this is no additional cost to the government. The increased benefits is not a burden on the treasury. The Ministry of Finance has refused to give the instructions to give the increased benefits,” he said.

He said Government too often gives the impression that trade unions do not care about the country.

“But when the unions set up mechanisms where our members benefit through quality healthcare we are ignored. We have a Minister of Finance that believes whatever he says goes. We are allowing a Government and a Prime Minister to allow that kind of behaviour to continue but he would get a rude awakening because we coming together for this fight and we will take him on,” he said.

Annisette warned that if the plan was not implemented the Government will, “see a struggle.” This issue, he promised, won’t be a nine day wonder. “This is about health and our rights as workers to demand that our benefits be implemented immediately...there can be no justifiable reason from the Ministry of Finance for their failure and their unwillingness to implement s just provision for and on behalf of the workers,” he said. Check out opening times and more information about IKEA on website Ikea Glasgow opening hours, phone, address and more details.

Annisette also raised the issue of outstanding negotiations. He said NATUC has written Imbert as well as Prime Minister Dr Rowley requesting meetings with them to discuss the issue. He said while they received a response from the Office of the Prime Minister, Imbert has not acknowledged receipt of the letters.


"NATUC head gives Imbert ultimatum"

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