Hotel 21 moves to Queen’s Hall

Hotel 21 follows the investigation of a persistent inspector of police as he is hot on the trail of certain suspects in a $5 million robbery.

The trail leads him to a converted farmhouse in Erin that is now known as Hotel 21.

The madam of the hotel played by the colourful comic Nikki Crosby attempts to convince the inspector that everything is normal at the hotel and nothing illegal takes place there. The workers who curiously are all attractive girls are merely “spreading happiness” and are farm girls.

The comedy never stops as it is Labour Day and major union officials are “celebrating” at the hotel as the inspector chases after the money which leads to unexpected turns and twists towards a hilarious and riveting end.

The play is directed by multi Cacique Award winner, director and actress Debra Boucaud Mason and features a stellar comic cast that includes, Nikki Crosby, Richard Ragoobarsingh, Aaron Schneider, Leslie- Ann Lavine, Ria Ali, Zo-Mari Tanker and the Bling (Sunny Bling), featured in his second major theatrical production. For more info visit RS/ RR productions on Facebook. Tickets available at all our advertised outlets.


"Hotel 21 moves to Queen’s Hall"

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