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Wednesday 25 April 2018
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$443,000 stolen from Eastern Credit Union

BURGLARS broke into the Arima Branch of Eastern Credit Union sometime over the weekend and escaped with $443,000 stored in a compartment within a vault in which the other compartment, which was not broken, containing $600,000.

According to reports, the vault was secured on Friday by a senior manager. Yesterday at about 7 am, a security guard arrived for duty and discovered a hole in the back of the building. When he made further checks, the guard also discovered the vault located on the eastern side of the building, had been cut open.

Arima police were alerted and ACP Radcliffe Boxill, Inspector Birch, Sgt Thomas and others went to the credit union. Fingerprint experts were also called to the scene and Newsday understands that the burglars may have feared detection which is why they decided to leave immediately after cutting into the compartment of the vault with contained the $443,000.

Yesterday, the $600,000 was removed from the vault and placed elsewhere for safekeeping. Police sources said yesterday that they are working on several leads and believe that arrests are imminent.

Well-placed sources said that investigators are not ruling out the possibility that the burglary was done with information provided by someone working in the credit union.


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