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Wednesday 25 April 2018
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Govt on vacation

THE Opposition United National Congress (UNC) has accused the government of being in vacation mode since assuming office, ably led by Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley who left last week on a private trip to Barbados and who is expected to return home today.

UNC public relations officer Anita Haynes noted that since the September 2015 General Elections, the nation has experienced escalating crime, an economy in shambles, significant job losses, cuts to education and a health care in crisis. “In the face of this abject failure, the Prime Minister has chosen to go on his seventh vacation,” Haynes claimed in a press release.

“The Prime Minister has left at a time when there are serious questions about Government’s handling of the procurement of vessels to service the sea bridge.

Instead of attempting to answer these questions, Dr Rowley apologized while still not accepting responsibility,” the release stated.

Haynes recalled that in one of his first speeches after being sworn-in as Prime Minister, Rowley stated emphatically that the “buck” stopped with him and as such, the nation must hold him ultimately responsible for this scandal particularly because of Rowley’s refusal to take decisive action.

“An apology before heading off on your seventh vacation and the second one in two weeks is unacceptable,” Haynes said adding, “It is clear that Rowley has no interest in representing the people of Trinidad and Tobago.” She said the country could not identify a single thing this Government has achieved after two years of being in charge and opined that no one was better off prior to the 2015 election.

“We have tightened our belts, we have adjusted our living expenses and still Rowley and his Cabinet are asking us, as a population, to do more while the Government vacations,” she stated.

Haynes noted that the population would soon begin to feel the effect of cuts to GATE as families would not be able to afford to send their children to school while government has yet to adequately explain how the means test would be implemented.

“In the face of all these cuts and the Government’s apparent mishandling of procurement procedures, they have yet to articulate a single item for revenue generation beyond taxes. They are devoid of ideas and have no plan to put us on a path to sustainable development. We must really ask, when is this Keith Rowley-led administration not on vacation.” “It is clear to the people of Trinidad and Tobago that this Government is incapable of leading this country, so they should heed the calls to seek a fresh mandate and call election now,” Haynes stated in the release.


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