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Wednesday 25 April 2018
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Indarsingh calls for regular police patrols

COUVA South MP Rudranath Indarsingh yesterday made a passionate appeal to Ag Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams to protect the people of Calcutta, Freeport. He was speaking at the funeral service for 15-year-old murder victim Emmanuel Okera whose body was found floating in a ravine in Calcutta on Thursday last week. Police say he was beaten to death. Indarsingh said people are running scared.

“Emmanuel was a respectable businessman even at this tender age,” Indarsingh said, adding that members of the Bethel Church of God in Calcutta, Freeport, where the funeral was held, supported him by purchasing vegetables he planted himself.

“He was brutally murdered and this act sends off an alarm in the neighbourhood as Emmanuel was a true example of how a young man should conduct himself in society.” Indarsingh said Emmanuel sacrificed his secondary school education to take care of his mother Abia Williams and his siblings Sapphire, Caleb, Meda and Joshua.

“He should be given a national award for single handedly being able to provide for a family of six.” Indarsingh said when he visited the family’s home he saw a field of melongene that was ready for harvesting and sale.

Minister Kenneth Bynoe slammed the media for, according to him, carrying false reports on the Bethel House of God. “We have been erroneously reported by the media and these lies are now being looked at worldwide through social media,” Bynoe said.

“Many irresponsible people are voicing their opinions on Facebook and this has thrown our church in a bad light.” He denied reports that the ravine where Okera’s body was found is located behind the church. Okera, he said, was bent on becoming successful and was working around the clock to make it happen.

“While Emmanuel did could not go to school himself, he was seen accompanying his siblings to school each morning on foot.” Bynoe said Okera spent a lot of time with Pastor Dalton Bruce, resident pastor of the Bethel House of God, so much so that many people referred to him as “Papa Bruce” since he knew whatever was needed for the church before the ministers in the church. He said he remembered one day when he was painting the floor of his house and Okera showed up. “I was taking my time painting slowly and he told me there was quicker way in which to do the job. He then took the paint and threw it on the floor and started spreading it out. In a short time the entire floor was painted.” His mother said Okera was the best gift from God after eternal life. “His death has affected me greatly but I will keep my eyes on him in the spiritual realm,” she said. “He is saved, never to be killed again. I will live for God until I see him face to face soon and very soon, Lord help me.”


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