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Thursday 22 March 2018

Banks warn against text messages requesting banking info

KEEP Your money safe. This is the warning from the Bankers Association after the circulation of “unauthorised text messages” which request conconfidential banking information.

“These messages are fraudulent and are considered ‘phishing’,” BATT said on Wednesday.

Phishing is a type of identity theft. BATT reminded that cybercriminals create emails, texts, social media messages and pop-up windows that look legitimate.

These are then used to “try and trick you into sharing confidential information” such as PINs, passwords and account numbers.

“Once they have your information, they can use it to commit fraud and take your money.

The most familiar type of phishing scam is an email threatening consequences if you do not log in and take action immediately.” BATT took the opportunity to remind customers that banks will never send unsolicited messages asking for confidential information, such as passwords, PINs, Access Codes, credit card and account numbers.

BATT also advised that banks will never ask customers to validate or restore their account access through text, email or pop-up windows.

“If you have entered personal information after clicking on a link or suspect fraudulent behaviour, please call your bank immediately,” BATT advised.


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