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Thursday 22 March 2018

Jail for sniffing cocaine to climb tall coconut trees

A MAN who climbs coconut trees for a living, confessed on Wednesday to a magistrate in San Fernando that some of the trees were so high, he used cocaine to climb them.

Jason Santokee, 57, of Williamsville, pleaded guilty before magistrate Cherril-Anne Antoine and was sent to jail for six months for possession of .29 grammes of cocaine.

He told the magistrate he is addicted to cocaine, after she reminded him he has 14 previous convictions for cocaine possession.

The prosecutor said that on Tuesday, at about 3.30 pm, police on mobile patrol at Ben Lomond Road, Williamsville, spotted Santokee walking. However, when he saw the vehicle, he made an about turn and began walking in the opposite direction. He was stopped and searched and police found on him a few rocks of cocaine.

Santokee pleaded with the police officers, “Give me a chance.” Antoine asked Santokee if he was addicted to cocaine and he replied, “Something so.” He then told the magistrate that he climbs coconut trees for vendors. “And I does use the cocaine to climb them tall coconut trees.

It is not an easy thing,” Santokee said. “But you have 14 previous convictions.

Have you tried to get help?” Antoine asked. Santokee persisted, “I does use it to climb them tall coconut trees.” Antoine ordered him to serve the sentence with hard labour and advised that upon completion, he should seek to enroll himself in a rehabilitation programme.


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