Schoolboy kidnapped

No ransom demand has been made for the student of the Mayaro Secondary School

Members of the Ramsubhag family are staunch activists in the People’s Partnership and news of the kidnapping greeted some family members on Monday night while they were listening to an address by acting Prime Minister Jack Warner in Princes Town. They had journeyed to Princes Town in support of candidates contesting seats in the Local Government Election on July 26.

Police said that at 7.30 pm on Monday, Ramsubhag’s father Harry, a watermelon farmer, his wife Girlie and their daughter Nela, 15, were attacked at their home, tied up and robbed of an undisclosed sum of cash, jewelry, a laptop computer and digital camera. They also removed stock from the family’s parlour.

Police said that at the time, Ramsubhag was in the kitchen, having arrived home a few minutes earlier and was unaware that his family had been tied up in another part of the house by the intruders. As they were leaving, the criminals snatched Ramsubhag and forced him into their getaway car before speeding off.

Worried relative Zarina Singh told Newsday yesterday that they are praying for Ramsubhag’s safe return. “He is such a quiet child. I don’t know why they would do that. We are appealing to anyone who sees him to contact the nearest police station,” Singh said.

Arts and Multiculturalism Minister Winston “Gypsy” Peters who left the stage on Monday night at the UNC’s Local Government Elections campaign meeting in Princes Town to talk to Ramsubhag’s distraught relatives, told Newsday yesterday that his prayers are with them.

“I know them very well...they are my supporters and it is very unfortunate. Drastic times call for drastic action and we must embark on some kind of drastic action to eradicate this kind of behaviour,” Peters said.


"Schoolboy kidnapped"

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