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Friday 26 April 2019
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First woman Chief Magistrate takes up duties Monday

Newly appointed Marcia Ayers-Caesar, takes up duties on Monday as Trinidad and Tobago’s first woman Chief Magistrate at the Eighth Court in Port-of-Spain.

She succeeds Sherman Mc Nicolls, who is ill, and who will retire in December.

In the interim, the position of acting Chief Magistrate was held by Mark Wellington, who yesterday ended his duties as acting Chief Magistrate in Port-of-Spain’s Eighth Court. Wellington now returns to San Fernando Court where he would resume full respopnsibilities.

Wellington will make periodic visits back to the Port-of-Spain precinct to complete the part heard matters which were before him. Yesterday, he concluded his last day in office as acting Chief Magistrate, with the committal of Winston “Team” Stewart, who is accused of the murder of Antonio “Fats” Mohammed, last November.


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