Manning rambles in email

In the statement, issued in apparent response to an earlier statement in Parliament by Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar in which she slammed Manning for allegations made last week Friday, Manning reportedly queries why Persad-Bissessar did not lay in Parliament documents she showed to the media yesterday.

Persad-Bissessar held up many documents, including plans and maps, many of which were too large to easily copy and circulate. Documents that were large enough to copy were distributed to the media.

In a statement with potentially libellous assertions, Manning also reportedly said he did not accept Persad-Bissessar’s explanation of her private residence which she said costs $3.5 to $4.02 million, and not $150 million as Manning had said.

Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley yesterday said Manning did not tell him he was issuing this statement in response to one made earlier in the day by Persad-Bissessar in Parliament. Rowley maintained that Manning alone is responsible for any statements he makes about the Prime Minister and his personal conduct in Parliament.


"Manning rambles in email"

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