Masqueraders party hard at the Big Yard

Revellers crossed the new and bigger stage of the Queen’s Park Savannah yesterday showing that they welcomed back the traditional stomping ground for the annual Parade of the Bands.

There was more room to ‘ramajay’ as the dimensions of the stage have been expanded. Newsday was informed that it was now 500 feet long and 56 feet wide.

A reveller with Tribe who identified himself only as ‘‘George from Woodbrook’’ eagerly looked forward to the experience. “It will be a great experience because I never crossed the Savannah stage.”

A first-time masquerader from the United States who was also in Tribe said, “At first I was nervous because of all the people. A lot more than yesterday (Monday) but as I got closer, I was excited. Finally they let us on. I was jumping like mad. It was exciting. More fun than I imagined, and a few minutes after I got off was when I realised my feet were on fire, and they will be for a few days, I’m sure but it was so worth it.”

A masquerader from Belmont said it was lovely to dance freely on the bigger stage and “not crowding-in on anyone.” The vibe on stage was frenzied and hot but for reasons other than the weather. According to the masquerader who played Dame Lorraine her feet were on fire.

“Whatever material they made the stage, I feel it was to get people off quickly. The stage was hot. I was dancing and kept saying to myself, “Why is the stage so hot. What is the material this?”

The stage apparently received a hard workout as a workman was seen with a nail gun securing plywood which may have shown signs of loosening.

Masqueraders were oblivious to all of this as they continued enjoying themselves.


"Masqueraders party hard at the Big Yard"

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