Cops gun down Pt Cumana teen

Carenage residents are fuming over the killing of a Pt Cumana teenager, whom they are claiming was shot dead “in cold blood” by police. Additional police security had to be called out to Schuyler Street in Pt Cu-mana yesterday to quell the scores of angry residents who accused the police of murdering Sher-man Monsegue on his 18th birthday. Residents claimed Monsegue, 18, of Martin Trace in Carenage, was shot dead. Residents screamed “killers and murderers” at police officers who were carrying out their investigations yesterday. Residents were repeatedly warned by police about crossing an imaginary line by Carenage Police Station officers. According to Vernon Monsegue, the victim’s grandfather, “Sherman left home around 11 am to go down by a nearby beach with his toothbrush. While there, he met his friend, Kurt Holder, and together they sat down playing a game of cards.

“Around 1.30 pm, a group of officers from the Western Division Task Force suddenly burst on the scene, running in a threatening manner at the boys. “The boys, knowing the harassment of residents by the police, ran into the nearby bush where they were cornered. Sherman was taken to a corner and several shots were heard. “Minutes after, police were seen dragging the boy out by his feet with bullet wounds to his head. He was then thrown into a police van and whisked away. Holder was also beaten, thrown into another van and carried off to an unknown place.” Police said Holder was being held for questioning, but could not say where. “Sherman was a young boy who never had a run-in with the law. He was very naive. They had no right to kill him so,” another resident claimed. “We will make the police suffer for what they did to that innocent boy. Yes, there are criminals in the area, drug users and pushers, but Sherman was none of these. They killed him in cold blood.

“Now the police are trying to frame him by saying he had a gun. They lie, he had no gun.” Scores of witnesses supported the views, and accused the police of murdering the boy on his birthday. Angry residents are calling on the Minister of National Security, Martin Joseph, and their Member of Parliament Dr Keith Rowley, to initiate an investigation into the killing of Sherman Mon-segue and the beating of Kurt Holder. Police claimed they were on an exercise at the beach when they confronted Sherman, who started shooting at them. The police also claimed they returned fire and seized a gun from the dead teen. Police also claimed that a speedboat was seen leaving the area where the two boys were heading, shortly after the shooting. Western Division po-lice are investigating.


"Cops gun down Pt Cumana teen"

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