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Friday 26 April 2019
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TT’s Royal couple of Soca say ‘I Do’ in style

Hundreds of guests who attended the wedding reception of Ian “Bunji Garlin” Alvarez and Fay-Ann Lyons at the Centre of Excellence on Saturday were treated like royalty, with food and drinks as if they were in an All Inclusive fete.

The newly-weds greeted their guests after Bunji’s mother Harriett and father Eric Ted Benn paid their tributes to the young couple.

After listening to Benn’s speech it was easy to see where Bunji got his lyrical mastery.

Fay-Ann's father, former Soca and Road March Monarch Superblue said he was extremely happy over the union, adding that he was the one who introduced his daughter to Bunji.

“You are a lucky man, this young lady is not easy to hold down,” the proud father told Bunji.

Ruby Steele, Fay-Ann’s grandmother sang the couple a wedding song while pannist Dane Gulston performed “Just the two of Us.”

Maximus Dan said he and Bunji have been friends for ten years now and he was very honoured to be at the reception.

For his part Bunji thanked his friends who stood by his side during the early days when he started to date Fay-Ann.

“Today proves I made the right choice, and I thank you all,” he said. A beaming Fay-Ann introduced her husband as Mr Bunji Lyons to the delight of her audience.

Parang group Los Dinamicos provided sweet music as the guests headed to the dinner table to get their taste of Indian, Chinese, Creole or Italian cuisine.

The dishes included, assorted ground provision, stewed rabbit, stewed suckling pig, dumplings, salt fish buljol, stewed fish in coconut, callaloo, lasagna, dolphin, pigeon peas in coconut, bar-b-que chicken, bar b- que lamb, jerk chicken, sliced beets and carrots, various salads, curried duck, goat and shrimps, basmatie rice, potato and channa, an array of wild meat such as tatoo, manicou, iguana and agouti.

Deserts included fruits and paw paw balls sugar cake, fudge and tuloum.

Just about 9.45 pm, both Bunji and Fay-Ann took to the stage to perform their popular songs, stopping only to entice the crowd with more announcements that corn soup, bake and shark and doubles for guess were now being served.

Many left the wedding feeling satisfied at having attended arguably the biggest wedding of the year with all the big names in the local music industry.


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