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Saturday 23 March 2019
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In another one of his ridiculous boasting sessions, our Prime Minister Patrick Manning announced that it is “the PNM which has us where we are today.” This is so true, and so sad. One would have thought that any leader of a government which is failing so emphatically, on so many fronts, would have avoided such a ridiculous statement. However, it is the measure of how deep the PNM’s head is in the sand that they can continue to delude themselves into believing that things are not in the state of collapse which we all know to be reality.

It is not for us to wonder at the mental state of our leadership, drowning in total incompetence yet praising themselves for their pathetic failings. But we must wonder at a media which reports these statements without comment.

And where is it that “we are today,” which makes our Prime Minister boast to us? Incidents of violent crime are still much higher than when the PNM came into office, although they boast that the rate is lower than last year. However, when six persons are murdered in one weekend, we know that Trinidad is still a frightening place in which to live, and we know that it is the PNM that has brought us to this state. It was Manning’s choice, in July 1990, to dismiss the terrorist attack upon our government as a minor quarrel, and to never lift a finger to help our country in its darkest hour. It was Manning’s choice to never utter a word of condemnation against the attempted coup, even as he now struts before foreign media and declares he will never tolerate terrorism in any form.

Crime detection rates are lower than they have ever been, and convictions are just about impossible to secure. Police fail to appear in the courts in thousands of cases, and the Minister of National Security and the Attorney General do not even know until the media tells them! But when they hold a consultation on crime they boast about how much money they have spent! This is where the PNM has us today.

The Health Ministry is an ongoing horror story. The tales coming out of Sando General are almost beyond belief. When the situation was reported in all the media, the head of staff claimed he was unaware of the situation. The disasters with children at Mount Hope, the fact that the Arima hospital had an MRI machine sitting in its box for over a year, the fact that the same hospital was completed some twelve years ago, but the two surgical theatres (outfitted and paid for) have never been used, all demonstrate the alarming ineptitude of this ministry. This is where the PNM has us today.

The PNM saw us saddled with the Prime Minister’s wife as our Minister of Education. Her reign has been marked by schools falling apart, parents and children protesting, children completing school yet unable to read and write, and sex orgies, filmed by children for children, regularly taking place in secondary schools. This is where the PNM has us today.

The failure of our infrastructure, the inability to supply water, the ongoing flooding after slight showers of rain, the increasing electrical outages, and the appalling traffic gridlock on our highways and city streets, are all examples of “where the PNM has us today.” The fact that people have to line up in the rain at 3.00 am to try to acquire a passport, that it takes a full day to renew a drivers’ permit, or to donate a pint of blood, are all testimony to the utter failure of a government, awash with money, that does not have the capability to deliver any basic amenity to its people. This is where the PNM has us today.

But while Manning and his cabinet hallucinate about 2020, and believe that the construction of useless buildings, and a grand palace for the Executive President are signs of “development,” and while he can have thousands of young people kept in bondage, under the day-to-day supervision of the Muslimeen, he can fool himself that these are things of which he can be proud. Indeed, it is the PNM that has these poor people in their pitiful state today. “Great is the PNM...”, and to hell with the nation.


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