Pan prelims at Savannah today

Due to a recent three-day retreat organised by the Ministry of Culture for the National Steel Symphony, the usual panyard judging did not take place.

Pan Trinbago President Patrick Arnold stated recently that bands had been concerned about some of their key players being absent, placing them at a disadvantage for the competition, hence the reason for returning to what has been described as the old time “savannah party”.

This year is also the first time that Silver Stars Steel Orchestra will perform in the big band category, playing “Thunder Coming” by Chucky.

Arima Golden Symphony starts the ball rolling from 9 am playing the Terrence BJ Marcelle’s arranged tune, “Fiery” by Maestro, followed by 21other small category bands.

In the medium category, there are 14 bands, starting off with Melodians Steel Orchestra playing the Original DeFosto’s “Latin On De Court”, also arranged by Marcelle.

Former champions Desperadoes leads off the 11 bands in the large category, playing “Ten Commandments of Pan”, arranged by Robbie Greenidge.

Following the band’s order of appearance and tune selection:

Small Conventional

Arima Golden Symphony — Maestro’s “Fiery”

Flamingoes — De Fosto’s “Latin On De Court”

Crescendoes Musical — Anslem Douglas’ “Musical Vengeance”

Blue Diamonds — “Musical Vengeance”

Nu Tones — Steve Sealy’s “Celebration Time”

Pandemonium — “Celebration Time”

Moods — Machel Montano’s “Jumbie”

Fascinators Pan Symphony — Shadow’s “Pimpilum Pilum”

Tipica — Kenny J’s “Pan Energy”

West Stars — Anthony Johnson’s “Get Down”

Tamana Pioneers — Kitchener’s “Earthquake”

Laventille Serenaders — David Rudder’s “The Hammer”

Casablanca — “Fiery”

Morvant Ebonites — Sparrow’s “We Kinda Music”

Highlanders — “Musical Vengeance”

Five Rivers Modern Symphony — “Get Down”

Xpress 21 — Bernadette John’s “Musical Volcano”

Simple Song — Shadow’s “Bassman”

Merrytones — “Musical Vengeance”

Trinidad Pan Connoisseurs —

Panatics — “Get Down”

Tunapuna All Stars — Baron’s “Tell Me Why”

Medium Conventional

Melodians — “Latin On De Court”

Parry’s Pan School — Derek Seales’ “Dead and Dread”

Potential Symphony — “Latin On De Court”

Belmont 5th Dimension — “Celebration Time”

Tokyo — “Pimpilum Pilum”

Harmonites — Roger George’s “Sailors On De Road”

TTEC Power Stars — De Fosto’s “Puncernelly”

Courts Sound Specialists of Laventille — Blackie’s “Hooked”

Sangre Grande Cordettes — “Latin On De Road”

Humming Birds Pan Groove — “Get Down”

Curepe Scherzando — “Fever”

CLICO Sfortza — Chucky’s “Thunder Coming”

Arima Angel Harps — “Latin On De Court”

HCL Valley Harps — “Celebration Time”

Large Conventional

WITCO Desperadoes — Tony Prescott’s “Ten Commandments of Pan”

Caribbean Airlines Invaders — “Thunder Coming”

Birdsong — “Thunder Coming”

Phase II Pan Groove — “Musical Vengeance”

PCS Starlift — Kerwin Trotman’s “Time To Breakaway”

Silver Stars — “Thunder Coming”

Solo Pan Knights — “Puncinelly”

Neal & Massy T’dad All Stars — “Thunder Coming”

Sagicor Exodus — “Puncinelly”

bp Renegades — “Thunder Coming”

ECU Pamberi — Derek Seales’ “Pressure”


"Pan prelims at Savannah today"

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