Rape at police station

The 36-year-old constable is due to appear before an Arima magistrate today.

He was detained while on duty, after the woman reported to a senior police officer that she was raped at the second division officers dormitory at the Arouca Police Station shortly after 1 pm on Sunday.

The woman claimed she and her boyfriend went to the Arouca Police Station, at about 12 noon, when they found out that a relative of her boyfriend had been to the station to make a report about being beaten.

The woman told investigators that she and her boyfriend were interviewed by the accused constable who allegedly threatened to lay charges against them.

She claimed after her boyfriend was placed inside a cell and she was threatened before the constable ordered her to follow him to an upper floor of the station.

He is reported to have told the woman, “This is how we do it in Trinidad.”

The woman told investigators that he allegedly raped her in the dormitory. She claimed the constable placed his hands over her mouth to prevent her from raising an alarm. Afterward, he told the woman not to tell anyone about what had happened. The woman reported the constable took her back to the charge room where he gave instructions to a junior officer.

Investigators said when the woman and her boyfriend were allowed to leave the station she told him the constable had raped her. The woman’s boyfriend insisted they return to the station where she made a report to a senior officer.

The constable was detained by the senior officer that evening. The woman was examined by a doctor and DNA tests are expected to be done.

The constable was taken to the La Horquetta Police Station yesterday and was identified by the woman during an identification parade.

The constable was then charged with grievous sexual assault and rape and is expected to appear in the Arima Magistrate’s Court today. He was also suspended yesterday and police sources said he is to be investigated for another sexual assault case.


"Rape at police station"

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