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Monday 17 June 2019
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Lara, Machel inspire young campers

It was just one of several highpoints throughout the week at the camp at the UWI Activity Centre, St Augustine.

Machel, in his motivational chat, told the campers they must understand how important it is to be alive and enjoy life. He told them to find their purpose in life and become the best at what ever it is they wanted to do.

He said: “I found my purpose in life from a young age. When I was born I was not given life. I was born with no heart beat, no life. But I survived because God give me a chance to live. You are alive today and you have opportunities to live a purposeful life. You must begin to achieve your goals from a young age.

“If there is something you love to do you have to focus and be the best that you can be it, whether it is writing poems, or music or dancing, if you like something, you should be the best at it,” Machel said.

The soca star then engaged the happy campers in a medley of his hit songs, encouraging feedback from the excited youngsters by inviting them to sing and dance. One camper, identified only as Moses captured the spotlight, when he was called up to dance and went on to sing one of US entertainer’s Chris Brown’s songs.

Machel wrapped up his session by distributing copies of his Boy Boy And The Magic Drum story book to the campers, as well as a newly published Boy Boy and the Magic Drum activity book.

More excitement followed when Lara took the youngsters outdoors for a game of cricket, and gave them tips on the fundamentals of the game.


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