Tewarie: Cabinet approved move from Udecott

Tewarie was contacted yesterday about the criticisms levelled against his Ministry on the Request for Proposals for land development at Invaders Bay, Port-of-Spain. The JCC has criticised the process used by the MPE, the unavailability of information and the six-week deadline given for submitting proposals. The JCC also questioned why the Ministry of Planning was putting out the RFP. The land at Invaders Bay is under the jurisdiction of the Urban Development Corporation of TT (Udecott).

Questioned why the MPE and not Udecott had put out the RFP Tewarie said “do you think I would do this without Cabinet approval?”

Asked to respond to the comments made by the JCC at a press briefing on Thursday, Tewarie said at the TT Contractors Association Annual Awards Banquet (at Hilton on November 5) he identified 31 criteria for assessment contained in the matrix for Invaders Bay and addressed some of the issues raised by the JCC. He said members of the JCC were present at the awards. The criteria for assessment included: acres required, source of financing, level of commitment of financiers, green elements of the project, approach of the investor to infrastructure development, extent of job opportunities for local labour.


"Tewarie: Cabinet approved move from Udecott"

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