Justice Minister Volney hits ‘bad boy’ lawyers

Speaking at the opening of a conference of Commonwealth North Atlantic Law Ministers, Volney criticised “bad boy practitioners” in his feature address at the event. Speaking with reporters after his speech, he elaborated on what he meant by “bad boy legal practitioners”

“By that I mean the many attorneys working in the system who are more concerned about filling their pockets with money rather than making a positive contribution such as helping the poor or assisting other than legal aid,” Volney said.

“That is the kind of bad boy culture I am speaking of, I know if it. So often people come and complain of it. The writing of a letter costs $750 that is a culture that really has to change.”

Asked how that change could come about, Volney said, “I will have some stakeholder consultations with the Law Association and try to see if we can come up with a solution.

“But unless we recognise the problem we won’t know that there is a solution to be found.”


"Justice Minister Volney hits ‘bad boy’ lawyers"

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