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Friday 24 May 2019
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DEWD beast spawned present day crime

THE EDITOR: I understand we live in a democracy, and the Honourable Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar has no other alternative but to invite and consult with the Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley to find some kind of resolution to the madness that is plaguing East PoS and other parts of the country.

But in reality, how can Kamla and the rest of the good people of this country get any good results from “teaming up” with the Opposition? It’s the PNM who created this monster. If you are part of the problem, how can you be the solution? A monster called DEWD was born many years ago, and that beast never died, the beast just had a couple of name changes through the years.

I believe one of its current names is CEPEP. Without a doubt, today we are certainly reaping what we sowed. The People’s National Movement planted the seed of laziness, handouts, and working for half-a-day, and getting paid for ten days. These criminals that are reeking havoc in East PoS are the children, grandchildren, and greatgrands of those who did “Ten Days” under the DEWD programme.


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