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Wednesday 24 April 2019
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Blink Vigilance raises the bar on state-of-the-art security

BLINK Vigilance, TSTT’s home and office security service, has commissioned a state-of-the-art Alarm Monitoring facility that covers the 15,000-plus Vigilance users as well as several government and corporate clients.

Blink Vigilance has become the country’s largest alarm monitoring service provider in just a few short years since TSTT launched the service, living up to its reputation for effective affordable security.

The breakthrough innovation of the service is that it puts video and alarm monitoring access at the finger tips of customers. A user’s smartphone device allows them to be anywhere in the world and control their home and office alarm and even watch live video of their premises. Continous innovation of the product, such as adding medical alert and professional security and health personnel responding to customer distress alarms, has made it the most responsive security product on the market. Support from the police service has also been an important factor in the peace of mind customers have experienced.

The features however are just part of the story of Blink Vigilance’s success, and would mean little if the service had not measured up to expectations time and time again. The service has been featuring prominently in thwarting home invasions and rendering timely medical aid including assisting a young mother who had gone into labour.

In East Trinidad a burglar was held just as he was exiting a customer’s premises, not realising that his break-in had resulted in the dispatch of a rapid response team. In another incident in South Trinidad, police officers on patrol heard the Vigilance alarm sounding for one of the businesses monitored by Blink Vigilance and upon investigation confronted and arrested an intruder on the compound.

A similar incident occurred in Tobago where the police there caught a burglar inside a customer’s business. The intruder had attempted to tamper with the alarm not realising it had an independent back up power supply. The owner was extremely grateful that the person was apprehended before causing any serious losses to the company.

The spread of the news of these achievements, largely through word of mouth, has ensured that consumer confidence in the product remained consistently high, keeping Blink Vigilance as the first choice for home and business owners seeking security technology.

The new Alarm Monitoring Centre is managed by ably competent and qualified staff and ensures customers have 24/7 technical and emergency support. Raymond Villafana, Manager, Security Monitoring Centre, underscored the fact that “customer satisfaction and positive results from the use of our systems are at the foundation of all efforts.”

With the new Centre, analysts on staff were immersed in training on new technology introduced at the Centre to better manage the Blink Vigilance CCTV infrastructure and network as well as support some large customer networks also being monitored.

The upgraded system operates on an independent dedicated network and like its predecessor gives Alarm Centre representatives both “real time” and recorded surveillance coverage.

“Blink Vigilance understands that investing in safety and security is necessary to give customers the service assurance they are looking for. They entrust us with the things that are most important to them. We do not take that responsibility lightly.

“Our investment in upgrading our systems and equipping our staff ensures that we continue to excel as the nations chosen service provider.”


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