Rufus retained as draughts/checkers president

Foster earned another two-year term at the helm after being voted back unopposed. Eleven out of the 13 registered clubs voted at Saturday’s election. The other two clubs which are from the sister isle of Tobago, could not be here in time. Yesterday Foster said his re-election shows that the general membership is happy with the way he has been managing the affairs of the sport. However he explained that a number of tough decisions will be made to enhance the running of the association.

This year, for the first time, a male and female vice-president were named, they are Harvey Khan and Ingrid Simmons, who are both members of Foster’s slate. Like Foster, they too were voted in unopposed as well as Lisa Jaikaran Udit, who held the role of secretary for the past eight months, was elected as general secretary.

Udit assistant secretary is Rolston Nicholls while Bishoo Dookkhatie earned the position of treasurer. Aldwin Roe was named public relations officer. Trustees for the association are Devindra Dindial and Timothy Dennis.

The TTDCA expressed gratitude to the over 80 percent of members who came out and voted, and played an integral part in ensuring that their federation has a sound executive committee.


"Rufus retained as draughts/checkers president"

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