Creating capacity in communities

The initiative provided training in organisational development skills for groups in the marginalised communities of Beetham Gardens, Farm Road (St Joseph), Mt D’or, Covigne and Embacadere. The programme was developed through a partnership between BP Trinidad and Tobago and The Rose Foundation, along with the Ministry of National Security through its Citizen Security Programme.

Since the start of the training initiative in 2010, 35 organisations have been formed across the five communities, resulting in community-based business initiatives in the areas of bottled water, construction, graphic arts, transportation and catering. These enterprisers have generated $7.3m to date.

BPTT’s Corporate Responsibility Manager, Ronda Francis, outlined the rationale for the programme: “Beyond Borders began out of the belief that if given the tools, your organisation could build your capacity and so too, your communities. It has been inspiring for us to see you transform from disorganised, informal groups into formal, legally registered, high-performing and recognised community groups. Every person and community group here has gone far beyond the borders that were keeping you back from the greatness you have achieved and will continue to achieve.”

Putting the entire initiative in context was Sterling Belgrove, Executive Chairman of The Rose Foundation which delivered the training. “The results we’ve seen clearly show that every community organisation has the opportunity to turn relevant training into functional activities that provide employment and generate revenue for their community. We’ve changed lives by giving people the opportunity to achieve their full potential. Our vision is that this training be spread across the nation and empower communities to become sustainable and foster a stronger society,” Belgrove pointed out.

Every member of the community groups in attendance at the graduation received certification recognising their completion of the capacity development training modules, including organising and leadership, incorporation and compliance, good governance practices and development of strategic relationships.

Other highlights of ceremony included heartfelt testimonials from leaders of the various community groups, the premiere of a music video denouncing violence that was produced by the Five Phase Energy Sounds Association, of Beetham Gardens, and presentation of $16,000 to the young artists of Sogren Trace through the sale of their paintings produced through the Beyond Borders programme.

According to Kessel Byer of Embacadere, San Fernando, who was able to launch the Amethyst Family Foundation producing purified and ozonated bottled water, the experience has been life- changing.


"Creating capacity in communities"

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