PM backs doctors for Ebola mission

She noted this quarantine was being implemented in most countries, including recently in the United States, for any persons visiting the affected countries in West Africa.

“So that will be the balance and if doctors are willing to go I know that we need personnel there, that they have asked for many medical personnel to assist in West Africa...and it would be great if we have volunteers to go,” she said.

She addressed the issue following the distribution of deeds and keys to Olympic gold medallist Keshorn Walcott to his new home at East Grove Housing Community, Valsayn.

Government is considering making a financial contribution to the World Health Organisation regarding the fight against EVD, she said.

Four doctors have informed Newsday they are ready to go to West Africa to see first-hand how nations are dealing with the EVD and other infectious diseases like malaria and tuberculosis. The members of the Medical Professionals Association of TT reported they are volunteering to be part of a team from TT to learn how the EVD is being managed and contained in countries affected by the deadly contagion.

This followed Chief Medical Officer in the Ministry of Health, Dr Colin Furlonge’s disclosure on Monday that he volunteered to travel to West Africa to see first-hand how nations afflicted with the EVD are managing the care of patients, and are containing the spread of the disease. West African countries severely impacted by the EVD are Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea.


"PM backs doctors for Ebola mission"

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