Mom faces jail if she fails to give up son to ex-husband

Yesterday, Justice Mira Dean-Armorer ordered Penal mother, Dianne Dabiedeen, 39, to allow her ex-husband access to their son, or face seven days in jail for contempt of court.

The judge had made a ruling in March last year for ex-husband Rajpat Dabiedeen, 45, to have access on weekends and during school holidays, to his son, Richard Matthew Dabiedeen, but the father has claimed that for one year now, he has not seen his son.

As a result, Dabiedeen filed a Contempt of Court application to commit ex- wife Dianne to prison, for disobeying the judge’s Order.

Yesterday, the case came up for hearing before Dean Armorer in the San Fernando High Court, but Dianne is contending in an affidavit, that she is fearful of sending her child off with his father. Dabiedeen lives at Satnarine Trace, Clarke Road, Penal, while Dianne lives at Rock Road, Penal. After the hearing, the judge ordered Dianne to obey her order of March, 2014, or she could go to jail for seven days.

The contempt of court action against Dianne arose from a matrimonial dispute in court, in which Dabiedeen and Dianne had divorced each other in October, 2011.

They were married in 1991, and had two children. The eldest is 22-years-old.

In court documents filed in court in the contempt of court application, Dabiedeen stated that on October 24, 2011, Armorer had ordered that custody of their child be granted to the mother — Dianne.

It was also ordered by the judge, however, that ex-husband Dabiedeen have staying access of Richard on alternate weekends and half of the school vacation period. Dabiedeen was ordered to provide schoolbooks and uniform to his son.

In his contempt of court application filed on March 6, by attorney Stephen Boodram, instructing attorney Jeevan Andrew Rampersad, Dabiedeen stated Dianne took Richard in March, 2014 from his home and since, has not returned him.


"Mom faces jail if she fails to give up son to ex-husband"

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