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Monday 20 August 2018
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Baby Cecelia still at hospital

The fate of Baby Cecelia, who was born three weeks ago on a pavement along the Priority Bus Route, in Curepe. may well lie in the hands of the Children’s Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (CA).

Since her birth, the baby girl has been tended to by nurses and social services workers at the Mt Hope Women’s Hospital. Her welfare has been an issue since her parents, Crystal Dennis and Anthony Abraham, did not have a proper and safe environment for the child. The broken down shed where they lived on a riverbank behind Bangladesh, in Curepe, has been deemed unfit to raise a child. There is no running water, or electricity.

The baby has since been medically discharged, but was still in the care of social services workers.

When contacted, yesterday, public education and communications manager of CA, Cheryl Moses-Williams, said the authority had been in contact with the Medical Social Work Department of the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, Mt Hope, regarding the baby’s welfare.

“Information from that department is that their investigations and assessments are still continuing. We are scheduled to meet with this department before the end of the week.

“In keeping with established protocols to treat with such situations, the authority must wait for the child to be discharged and referred to the authority to be received into its care, should that be the recommendation of the Medical Social Work Department of the EWMSC,” Moses- Williams explained.

Meanwhile, she said the authority was ready to receive Baby Cecelia into its care should that be the recommended course of action.

The baby’s mother had been on her way to seek transportation to get to the hospital when she was overcome with labour contractions, and gave birth on the sidewalk, with the assistance of passers-by.

Chief executive officer of the North Central Regional Health Authority, Kumar Boodram, said Abraham, who had asked that his daughter be taken care of by the State, visited regularly. Dennis did so very seldom, and was aggressive toward the medical staff.

The couple has three other children who were being cared for by Abraham’s relatives.


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