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Monday 18 February 2019
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Charges for beaten girls

TEN female teenagers beaten by officers at the Women’s Prison at Golden Grove last week Thursday have all been charged internally with obscene language and breach of prison rules while one juvenile was charged with assaulting a prison officer.

Newsday understands the prison authorities also photographed the ten girls hours after attorneys representing the girls’ interest applied for a court order allowing the teens to be photographed by their attorneys.

Sources also revealed that the girls were allegedly threatened by some officers and told not to disclose what had happened last Thursday night. Yesterday, the girls were visited by attorney Gerald Ramdeen who took photographs of their injuries.

Ramdeen confirmed that the girls all bore marks of violence about their bodies and they expressed fear that the actions of the correctional officers last Thursday will be repeated.

Ramdeen said that he was told that the girls were asked by officers to change their statements but they refused.

Ramdeen also revealed, based on a statement received, the girls were handcuffed behind their backs, placed in a cell block and hosed down. “I was shocked and horrified to be told the graphic details of how these officers brutalised these young women.

“It is clear that what took place last Thursday night was pre-meditated and intentional and an expression of spite by the officers against these young children. This together with what took place is cause for an immediate investigation by a body independent of the State to reveal the true version of what took place in these two incidents.”

Sources revealed yesterday that the incident occurred last Thursday night after the girls refused to eat dinner brought to the dormitory by two other juveniles.

The girls had complained of the two girls spitting in their food and when this was brought to the attention of officers, they told them no dinner will be given to them that night and this resulted in the girls complaining.

An officer intervened resulting in the girls being beaten and placed in a cell block area.

Their parents have sought legal redress in the matter.

The Prisons Commissioner Sterling Stewart has maintained that there appears to be a deliberate attempt by the juveniles to ignore prison rules and this has resulted in a general breakdown of discipline. He admitted that some juveniles did receive superficial injuries last Thursday night but added that it was inflicted on them in a bid to subdue them.


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