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Monday 20 August 2018
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Counselling continues for 2 families

Counsellors continue to work with eight traumatised children in Barrackpore, all members of the Seecharan and Joseph families who, within the space of four weeks, witnessed a murder, a suicide and an accidental shooting death.

Vena Alladin, an aunt, told Newsday they have been responding positively to the counselling sessions offered to them at the family’s home at Seebalack Trace, Rochard Douglas Road, Barrackpore by officers of the Children’s’ Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (CATT).

On August 12, Sherry Ann Seecharan, 35, committed suicide by ingesting a poisonous substance. The death of the housewife came 14 days after her husband, prison officer Robert Seecharn, 36, was shot and killed with his own firearm by her 16-year-old daughter. The teenager was subsequently freed without charges being laid against her as she told investigators she acted in self defence as Robert was beating his wife. Sherry Ann, a mother of four, was said to be a victim of domestic abuse for five years.

And on July 13, gardener Cyrus Joseph, 52, who was Sherry Ann’s brother- in law, was shot and killed while in his garden leaving behind his pregnant wife Elizabeth Rangoo (Sherry- Ann’s sister) and their four children.

The children found their father dead in his garden after hearing loud explosions. The children never received counselling although they had stood guard over his body for hours before help arrived. It was the same with Sherry Ann who struggled with the circumstances under which her husband was killed.

She sought comfort in her sister and moved into her home. Despite the tragedy, help never came although relatives said they had asked the relevant authorities to step in. Following Sherry Ann’s suicide, family members criticised Government for failing to intervene.

Alladin told Newsday: “I must say the children are all doing well at this time and our family is grateful to the different agencies who have stepped in and now helping them. Up to yesterday (Monday) they were there and the family wants to thank everyone including the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) who stepped in at a critical time in their lives.” Alladin is hoping that the children of the Joseph family who have never been to school could be enrolled in the new term.


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